Clearer Words, Clearer Minds

Photo credit: Joakim Book, from a wall in Glasgow.
From my fav writing-romance romcom, Stuck in Love (2012), …to which Lou responds:
  1. Attach a reward to it: make it fun, reward yourself for complying, have a friend do it with you. When you do overcome the obstacles, don’t cheat yourself out of the reward.
  2. Second, like JBP says: pick something that you’ll actually do. There’s no point going for targets that are so outrageously outside of your abilities that you’ll never make it. Pick something that you could do, that you will do, and that you’ll realistically succeed at.




Eat steak. Practice yoga. Go outside. Get ₿itcoin.

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Joakim Book

Joakim Book

Eat steak. Practice yoga. Go outside. Get ₿itcoin.

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